I am so glad you have come and are willing to spend a little bit of your time on my sacred website. I call it sacred because I consider all of life sacred-every bit of it, from the animals that everyone loves to hate like skunks and snakes, to our own creative endeavors whether they be the arts, building new roads or doing finger painting with our children.

I called my site Sacred Concierge because of my varied skill set:

  • I have lived abroad and resonate with many different cultures and belief systems;
  • I am certified second degree Reiki and second level Healing Touch;
  • I use the Tellington Touch with my companion animals and friends’ horses;
  • I have been practicing shamanism since the 1980’s;
  • I utilize ceremonies from a variety of cultures to deepen my spiritual practice;
  • I have been a teacher and an environmental educator;
  • I have been a docent at a zoo, specializing in cats, wolves and raptors;
  • I am a nature guide and can help people go more deeply within by understanding nature and the co-creative partnership we are all engaged in;
  • I am a listener, a wanderer, a meditator.

My intention for this site is to create a nature-oriented website to convey who I am, my love of the land and to share my writings and poetry. I offer my work here to nature lovers, those needing to find solace in nature, those interested in something outside of themselves or people visiting the Verde Valley area of north-central Arizona who might like to do something different in nature. Enjoy the photos, my writing and let me know if something here touches you.

May you be blessed.

Rita Faruki


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  1. Rita is genuine! She is an Earth Goddess, a spiritual guardian sent to activate the love of Mother Earth in us all. I am a metaphysician and psychic artist, and I learn from Rita every time we speak. Spending time with her in nature will inspire you.

  2. Rita a gifted guide and passionate earth guardian. She demonstrates how to have a more meaningful connection to all beings, (and yourself!), by learning how to hear the subtle messages in nature. I left our class filled with appreciation and humility.

  3. Recently I attended Healing the Earth led by Rita. It was a most beautiful and enlightened time as Rita guided us to know Mother Earth in a special, more intimate manner. It was interesting and fun. I felt more of a connection and my priorities were shaken up and landed a little more balanced. I strongly recommend spending some time with this gifted and most down to earth woman!!!!

  4. I did a one-on-one Tai Chi session with Rita and I was impressed by her sensitivity and knowledge. She catered the hour totally to my needs. She is a very talented, intuitive teacher. Thank you Rita.

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